BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Lamar Jackson wants to bring the Super Bowl to Baltimore — not just once, but over and over again like Tom Brady does for the Patriots.

“I want to bring the Super Bowl here. I want to be the Brady, and bring multiple, if I could,” Jackson said.

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He said that during his interview with Ravens legend Ray Lewis for for Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

“You have started something here that we don’t see,” Lewis said to Jackson after rolling through his season’s stats.

Lewis was in Baltimore at the team headquarters to interview rookie quarterback.

Read the full interview below:

Lewis: When did you know you were the fastest kid on the block?

Jackson: Probably — you know — when playing football, my older cousins. I used to play with all the older guys. I never really played with my age group. I normally played with my cousins 16 and all the way up and then there would be a new kid on the block and they’d be like — “he’s good” this and that. I’d get jealous and be like I’m the best kid over here.

Lewis: How important is it to have your teammates rally around you?

Jackson: Very important.  You know without your teammates you really not anything.

Lewis: Have you always had that?

Jackson: Oh definitely. I love everything about football — it’s a team sport. You know everybody plays their parts. You know we just have success.

Lewis: Watching you on the field, it’s like you’re a little kid on the field. You’re excited about everything.

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Jackson: I’m having fun.

Lewis: Tell me about the fun. Where does the fun come into the game?

Jackson: Cause I’m doing something I love. If you’re playing this sport, you’re going to have to love it. you can’t be out there like man, I’m just doing this for the .. you know you’re not going to succeed if you’re not doing what you love.

Lewis: Is there a ceiling for Lamar Jackson?

Jackson: Ain’t no ceiling. I said it you know, when I got drafted that I wanted to bring a Super Bowl to Baltimore. So I’m going to try to bring as much as I can.

Lewis: So you want to help the community by bringing a Super Bowl?

Jackson: I want to bring the Super Bowl here. I want to be the Brady, and bring multiple, if I could.

Lewis: You can be me, I brought multiple, too.

Jackson: You brought multiple, too. But you know he’s a quarterback — so I’m saying Tom Brady.

“Don’t play,” Lewis said to Jackson with a serious face, as the quarterback laughs.

“You know I watched y’all, you know I watched you guys,” Jackson said.

The men embraced at the end of the interview and Lewis said — LJ, the new era.

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