BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The cold weather means water main breaks, closed schools and zapped car batteries.

The cold snap has had lingering effects since it came into town Monday.

The weather is getting warmer now, but that’s exactly what the Department of Public Works said may reveal more trouble.

The brown water bubbling from a water main break in Allendale is just one of the lasting symptoms of Monday’s single-digit temperatures.

A cold snap that snapped between six and eight water mains so far city wide, like this one at Lombard and Caroline.

“You have the pipes underground. As the earth freezes, the pipes move, they jerk a little this way, and over 50, 60 years… they will go far enough that they’ll start breaking,’ said Kurt Kocher with Baltimore DPW.

And as this freeze thaws things could get worse.

“Since it’s so cold, a lot of that water is frozen. So when it warms up, that’s when you might see these things pop,” Kocher added.

Several Baltimore city schools closed early Tuesday due to water and heat-related issues.

Furman Templeton Preparatory Academy, Reach Partnership School closed early due to water and heat-related issues and Furley Elementary School closed early due to water-related issues.

Vivien T. Thomas Academy and City Springs Early Learning Center were closed all day Tuesday.

Stubborn mounds of ice complicated the Tuesday commute for cyclists, for plows trying to carve a path and drivers dodging icy spots.

That is if their cars started.

“The frigid cold temperatures usually affects batteries. And especially if they’re between the lifespan of 3 to 5…. usually older batteries, they have issues starting up in the morning,” said Marvin Ramiro with AAA-Mid Atlantic.

Lingering cold weather trouble as Baltimore waits for its mid-week melt.

Winter shelters with an expanded number of beds will be open in Baltimore city through Wednesday at 8 a.m.

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