BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The purpose of a severe winter weather plan is to be ready for anything, including a catastrophic storm.

Baltimore County officials gathered Tuesday outlining their plan in the event of a major winter storm.

Among the challenges they face are the county’s geography, as weather can be very different from one region to the next.

This means crews need to be prepared for anything and everything.

“The three T’s–timing, track and temperature- plays a huge role in the type of storm that we’re gonna get. Any slight temperature change, any track change just a few miles, or just a few hours in timing, will greatly impact whether its least case scenario or worst case scenario that we can get in Baltimore County,” said Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Jay Ringgold.

Now in the event of a massive snowstorm, officials ask for patience, saying it usually takes them about 24 hours from the end of the storm to clear the roads- that’s about six inches of snow.

A bigger storm would take more time.

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By Kelsey Kuschner


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