BALTIMORE (WJZ) — 25-year-old Corey Dodd was reportedly about to walk into his home after dropping off his kids at school before being fatally shot last Friday.

Among the melted ice on his street at North Fulton and Westwood Avenue in West Baltimore, a small sliver of crime tape remains wrapped around a pole near the scene where Dodds was shot.

His family and friends said they are devastated by the loss and cannot imagine why someone would do this.

“Blown away, you know, and deeply saddened you know by the whole situation, you know senseless, you know to put it into words, you know, great friend you know, definitely will be missed,” said one of Dodd’s closest friends, Marcus Cole.

Cole said he has known Dodd for the last four years.

A member of his football league in the city, Cole said his friend could best be described as a gentle giant.

Dodd also played for the nonprofit Northwest Bulldogs Youth League.

“He was an amazing athlete, he was very quiet, but he was very tough,” Cole said.

Dodd’s death culminates what has been a deadly month in the city.

So far, there have been 22 fatal shootings in January, and 45 others have been injured by gunfire.

Mayor Pugh reacted to the murder along with another surge in violence.

“One life lost in our city is one life lost too many. We have too many illegal guns on the streets of our city,” Pugh said.

Cole said the candlelight vigil for Dodd is scheduled this weekend at Dunbar High School.

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  1. Your sentiments mean NOTHING mayor! STOP putting ILLEGAL aliens before our lawful citizens being gunned down by HOODRSATS!! GET YOUR PRIORITY”S IN ORDER MAYOR! TRY TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST!

  2. Still shaking my head at the TOTAL lack of leadership in this city, they sit and watch as the police are out gunned by ARMED HOODRATS and murder and assaults happen on a daily basis. YOU DOING A GREAT JOB MAYOR!! FLAT OUT SICKENING!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS WHERE YOU LIBERAL DEMOCRATS HAVE LED AND DRIVEN THIS CITY INTO DESPAIR AND IF YOUR NOT SEEING THIS THAT’S A PROBLEM IN ITSELF!!