By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Federal workers reacted to news of a possible resolution Friday afternoon, as they miss their second pay day.

TSA screeners, safety inspectors, air traffic controllers, all employees who are considered essential, are still at BWI Airport working, with no pay.

Some say even if the government reopens temporarily, they are worried they won’t see a paycheck before another possible shutdown.

Federal employees like Adam Wyndham, an airway transportation specialist, still have too many questions and costs to feel relief.

“The first reaction is just, three weeks. It’s only three weeks. It’s still a concern of, are our paychecks going to keep coming,” Wyndham said.

Wyndham has been without a paycheck for 35 days, despite working to keep air traffic control equipment operation.

And now, working a side job to pay for his youngest daughter’s medical bills.

Three-year-old Emily lives with Rett Syndrome, and even when the shutdown stops his paychecks, family expenses keep coming.

“I actually had to start driving for a couple of the major ride-sharing apps, to have a cash flow. I can defer my bills. I can defer other expenses. But I cannot defer feeding my children,” Wyndham said.

The President of Professional Aviation Safety Specialists Michael Perrone, said it’s an example of how the shutdown stresses aviation employees and in turn- stresses the system.

“The longer this shutdown occurs, the more potential that there could be a problem. A layer of safety is missing, and will continue to be missing, as long as this shutdown occurs,” Perrone said.

The domino effect showed Friday morning, as flight delays rippled through the Northeast.

Despite an increase in air traffic controller call outs, there are no major delays reported at airports in Baltimore and DC.

Flights are delayed at LaGuardia and Newark airports due to an increase in sick calls, the FAA reports, meaning for the first time during the shutdown, there was a shortage of air traffic controllers.

“There’s not really any replacements for them, so the longer the shutdown goes, the worse off everyone is,” said Christopher Menthe, from Odenton.

BWI passengers included. Six days ago, a TSA staffing shortage forced one security checkpoint to close.

BWI Checkpoint Remains Closed Amid Shutdown Due To TSA ‘Excessive Callouts’

But, it has created a spike in airport anxiety for travelers.

“I came a couple hours early, just to make sure I could get in,” Menthe said.

Friday marked the second pay period federal employees wouldn’t receive a paycheck.

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The Federal Aviation Administration tweeted that they are experiencing an increase in sick leave at two facilities.

No major delays reported at BWI, Reagan and Dulles, unless you’re flying to the affected airports.

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