TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A teacher at Loch Raven High School had to be hospitalized after Baltimore County Police say a student punched him in the face just after 8:30 Tuesday morning.

According to sources, the teacher was in his doorway when the student “sucker punched” him.

The sources say the student kept hitting the teacher, and it took four other teachers to restrain that student.

“Usually, this does not happen at this school. He’s a nice teacher. It sucks that he has to deal with that,” said Brian Hudson, a student at Loch Raven. “He was yelling for help and his face was bloody and all. Cops were here. The ambulance was here. Students were freaked out. It’s all over social media now.“

The principal sent a letter home to parents saying, “The type of behavior exhibited by the student today will not be tolerated. In addition to legal consequences, the school has taken appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in the student handbook.”

The letter does not detail that action but says students were not in danger during the incident.

“It’s very odd. I can’t think of another time this has happened. Last year, there was an incident with a gun—a pellet gun. Other than that, I feel safe at Loch Raven,“ said Owen Cutlip, a senior at Loch Raven High School.

In February 2018, police confronted a 14-year-old student who brought a pellet gun to the school. In that case, as well as the teacher attack, school resource officers were crucial to the response.

Student, 14, Taken Into Custody After Loch Raven H.S. School Lockdown

“The teacher had visible injuries to his face. The student complained of injuries and he was taken to a hospital to be checked out,“ said Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach.

Peach said the circumstances of the incident remain under investigation. “It won’t quickly be resolved as to whether there are charges or not—or what charges there will be.“

Peach called the incident “isolated“ involving one student. “This student became very upset with that teacher. It was the simple circumstances that set this student off. It is not something that is running rampant in the school system,” Officer Peach said.

Peach said there were no weapons used, contrary to reports on social media that a knife was involved because the scene was so bloody.

Authorities have not identified the student. The teacher, who also has not been officially identified, is now out of the hospital.

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  1. Two items: 1) teacher’s name? 2) who signs the letter “principal”

  2. Joe Snuffy says:

    So what is going to happen to this student? This is so much more than disciplinary action by the school. This is criminal. If you don’t think a person can kill another person with their bare hands, you are sorely mistaken. Given Baltimore refuses to arm police in schools, they have showed they have little interest in protecting teachers or students. Hugging criminals doesn’t work… so good luck with that. Residents of Baltimore, you need to elect new leaders who care about stopping violent crime.

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