BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Police seized various firearms and ammunition in the past two days.

Officials said the officers also found money and narcotics.

Courtesy: BPD

Police said the items were found through street arrests and search and seizure warrants.

The suspects were arrested as a result.

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  1. Great job BPD!! STAY SAFE! Need to do this everyday for a month to get all the guns and drugs from the HOODRATS! One other problem is GETTING the LIBERAL judges from putting these repeat violent offenders BACK out on the streets! DO YOU JOB JUDGES AND KEEP THESE ANIMALS LOCKED UP!!! STOP THE PLEA BARGIN’S FOR LESSER VIOLENT CRIMES!! JUDGES ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM…

  2. Stay safe BPD We respect the work you do even if the mayor and the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS in this state DO NO! Just like the way they want to leave our boarders open and let the ILLEGAL just RUN over top of us and be a burden to taxpayers and the hard working LEGAL citizens of this country! WAKE UP PEOPLE!! The longer you leave these LIBERAL’S in power running this country it will NEVER change and WE will be footing the bill for ILLEGALS is that what you want???

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