By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With yesterday’s really nice weather, and with every car on the road needing a major spray off or wash, the car wash joints, (self or machine), were mobbed. And a certain amount of decorum had to, and did prevail, at the self-spray and foam locations. I pulled up to my favorite one and quickly realized with this many people in line the idea is to power wash off the dried chunky salt stuff and move on. There was no polite time to presoak, foam, rinse,…and do it properly. And with rain in the forecast, at times, over the next few days, a perfect shine on the clear coat really did not matter. Just remove the finish eating road junk.

I am not gonna lie to you I was sure we’d see civil disturbance at the car washs on the news. But none, nada. And that just goes to show you how some nice weather, after some lousy weather, can make everyone happy. And chilled.

Today is even warmer. Yesterday 59°, today 63°. (The record by the way is 73° back in 1996. The record low is -1° set in 1991. Yep we even had the polar vortex back then, but back then it just did not have a cool TV graphic. It’s all in the framing isn’t it?)

Enjoy this day. Get some fresh air, as I like to say, “find ya some me time.” And I leave you with this thought. After a bit of a dip in temps tomorrow, down to 48°, on Thursday right back to within arm’s reach of 60°. No need to let the cold weather scaries ruin your neighborly vibes,…yet!


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