WINDSOR MILL, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County Fire officials are warning consumers about contaminated kerosene sold at a Windsor Mill gas station.

Fire officials said that there was a problem with the delivery and believe it got contaminated with gasoline.

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Because of the fire risk, they’re urging the 46 customers who bought the kerosene not the use it.

Emergency crews sent an alert out to cell phones all across Baltimore County, warning the public of the contaminated kerosene, sold at a Dash In and Shell station off of Liberty Rd.

“With gasoline mixed?” asked Baltimore resident, Gretchen White. “Oh my God. Yes, it would scare me to death. Well, if I lived through it.”

The Baltimore County Fire Department told WJZ that the parent company for the Dash In notified them of the possible contamination, saying there was a problem with the delivery, and that anyone who bought kerosene between Jan. 23 and Feb. 5 might be at risk.

“Somehow there ended up being a mix of gasoline in that kerosene,” said Elise Armacost with the BCFD. “That is a serious problem.”

Emergency crews pushed alerts out around 2 p.m., warning people to return it and safely dispose of it.

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“Using this gasoline in equipment that is designed for kerosene- the flammability risk is the biggest concern,” said director of Emergency Management, Jay Ringgold.

Ringgold said that using gasoline in devices like space heaters designed to be fueled by kerosene is a major fire hazard.

“It could cause a fire or explosion,” he said.

The Dash In told fire officials that they believe at least 46 customers purchased the contaminated kerosene during that time period.

“I don’t know who uses kerosene anymore but for those that still use it, you want to have something safe that you’re using for whatever you need it for,” said Baltimore resident Aaron Gilliam.

The Dash In tweeted out Wednesday night that they’re accepting returns for that kerosene at their Dash In location off Liberty Rd. starting Thursday at 12 p.m.

So far, no incidents have been reported.

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