By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — This morning was warm and humid. This afternoon warm temps return and it will be humid. A comfortable combo this time of the year to be honest. But a shot of dry and chilly air is on the way. And speaking from a “seasonal” point of view that is good news. Let me explain.

If you have just moved to the Mid-Atlantic let me hip you to something. The most uncomfortable days of the Winter are the chilly and humid ones. Day’s where it is gray, not freezing but on the cold side, AND when we have a flow in from the North East, South East, or just East. From the Bay and/or Ocean. That humid air gets right next to your skin and the chill is real! Layers do not help because at some point next to your skin it is moist. Conversely when High’s drag finger splitting dry, and cold air to us, that layering totally works as the air next to the skin is warm and dry.

So this weekend, albeit chilly, will be a more comfortable type of cold. An oxymoron but true.

Enjoy this day’s mild and humid and think of Spring being just one day closer! We’ll be complaining about “hot and humid” in no time at all.


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