By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — So now we get back to a more normal feel of mid-Winter. And speaking of normal, (just as we have been discussing that return to wind chill and cold temps all morning), the normal overnight low has risen to 26°. Up one degree. And that is a big deal. Not only are the daytime highs, now, raising by a degree every week or so, NOW the chilliest normal is rising too. It is a long slow climb to Spring but on both sides of a “normal day” we now have good footing for that climb. It’s a big deal.

Keep that in mind as wind chills tonight plunge to a reel feel of 12°, with a 21° blazing real feel as the high tomorrow. The winds will calm by tomorrow night but Sunday, even with Sun, we are still going to be almost 5° below normal. No big deal to me as we are talking no snow this weekend. And it is Friday and we need no stress in our lives.

We’ll hold that mixed precip discussion, and some weather stress next week off until Sunday.


T.G.I.F.,…ain’t it the truth!


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