ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — You have to sign up to speak before a House committee hearing. A lot of people showed up to do just that on a number of gun-related bills before the judiciary committee.

Second Amendment supporters were out in force, with their big concern being a bill requiring background checks and permits to buy shotguns and long guns.

“Cost the average Marylander about $300 in fees to Maryland State, getting their fingerprints done,” said Joshua Michael, a Second Amendment supporter.

But for those who support the bill:

“People with a criminal background, convicted felons, domestic abusers, people with mental health issues that make them dangerous can buy long guns online or in private sales,” said Terri Mawdsley, with Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense.

“We feel it won’t do anything to fight crime. It’s just a way to take guns away from the citizens,” said Tom Friel, another Second Amendment supporter.

Handguns are also in the mix, a bill outlawing 3D printed guns and another raising the age to firearms from 16 to 18-years-old.

“The horrific shooting at Great Mills High School was done by a 17-year-old boy, who got an unsecured gun from his parent’s home,” said Elizabeth Branach, with Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence.

The Harford County Sheriff also showed up to testify, following shootings at churches and a synagogue.

The bill would allow, but not mandate, county churchgoers the ability to be armed while they are at a church service.

It’s too soon to know how many of these bills will actually advance.

“Oh, I think it’s very slim. It was introduced last year and it did not pass,” the sheriff said.

But then, the average is three years for any given bill to pass.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    3-D guns and bump stock are out. No need for them. I have been buying firearms for a long time and have never purchased without a background check. It cost law abiding citizens $300.00 for fingerprints etc. The criminal pays NOTHING. When are the stupid Democrats going to come to their senses? Stop this parade of useless laws they impose . It’s all about the money with them. They could care less if your blown away by a criminal. Case in point…Baltimore City

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