Hi Everyone!

WINDY today. Very windy at times. SUNNY, very sunny at times. And there you have the two headlines that define this day’s outlook. After a very mild morning the day’s high, 43°, will be a couple of degrees below normal. But that wind is the top headline. The feature helping generate this wind is hundreds of miles away over central Quebec. A strong high is building into the Midwest. And, between the two, westerly winds will howl here through this day.

I love to point it out, (and my Middle School science teacher, Mr. Rose would appreciate this), that Nature abhors a vacuum. We all learned it in science class. That high is rushing to fill in the gap caused by the low. Simple in concept and practice.

And there you have this day’s weather . Big wind caused by big systems each an amazing distance away. That is a snapshot of the Earths weather at one of its most dynamic instances of cause and effect.




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