BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Former Orioles shortstop signed one of the biggest contracts in sports history last week.

Manny Machado signed a 10-year $300 million deal with the San Diego Padres.

Former Oriole Manny Machado Signed $300M, 10-Year Deal With Padres, Reports Say

But some Orioles fans are surprised this week after Machado slammed the team in a new interview with Sports Illustrated.

“The Dodgers last year, they showed me some love,” he told SI. “The Orioles drafted me. I did a lot for that community, I did a lot for the state, and they didn’t show me a little bit of love. It is what it is. But going over to L.A., L.A. giving up a lot of prospects for me, that kind of shows you what I meant to them, which is amazing.”

Fans weren’t impressed.

He talked about leaving the Orioles for LA and how that helped him sign with the Padres.

According to SI, Machado keeps a tally of signs of respect and disrespect, but said that isn’t what motivates him.

Machado talked about how he was being wined and dined by various teams, but that fans also hurled insults on Twitter then hounded him in public to join their team.

But once he’d finally gotten his $300 million deal he told SI he felt it meant more respect.

Machado Called ‘Dirty Player’ By Yelich After Benches Clear

He wasn’t a victim of all the media coverage, however. He played into it — following, then unfollowing the Yankees, posting then deleting an image of White Sox baby shoes.

When news broke of the Padres deal, Machado hadn’t taken his physical yet and the offer sheet hadn’t been signed.

But the Padres, who have not won a postseason series since 1998, were excited about the signing, too.

So were their fans.

WJZ Sports Director Mark Viviano believes Machado was talking more about team management than the fans:


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Comments (7)
  1. Denise M O'Connor-Sipes says:

    What a prick, he’s nothing more than a child with an overinflated ego. Who gives a fiddler’s fart what he says…… big eared douchrocket….. Good Luck Padres dealing with an overgrown toddler.

  2. His head got way to big! Sure not worth that kind of money! Good riddance!!

  3. BTW he is a dirty player, NO respect for him!

  4. Johnny Gatz says:

    Manny was talking about the organization, not the fans. Still, he has it all wrong. He’s angry because the Orioles, rightfully, weren’t going to pander to his greed. The chances that he’ll live up to his $300 million deal are slim to none. No reason for him to misconstrue the Orioles decision as not showing him love. Quite the contrary, by seeking $300 million – which would have increased ticket prices and made it hard for the small(er) market Orioles to sign other talent – Manny wasn’t showing the Orioles a lot of love.

    And as far as his claim of doing a lot for the community, what B.S. He was even a no-show for Fan Fest, a one-day meet-and-greet with players, at the beginning of last year, with no real reason given. His teammate, Adam Jones, by contrast, has done a lot for the community.

  5. Joel Schaer says:

    Baltimore embraced and relished Manny for his entire time in Baltimore. We knew we had a gem and a future HOF. But alas being a small market town and needing to start a massive rebuilding effort, the O’s knew they we not going to be able to keep Manny. Baltimore fans even rooted for him when he was traded to the Dodgers last year (hoping he would get his World Series ring that was going to escape him in Charm City) and overlooked his antics on the base path because that was just Manny being aggresive and intense. His cheapshot against the O’s was unnecessary and showed a lot about his character and immaturity. I met the late Frank Robinson several times. A truly class gentlemen. He never had a bad word to say about the Reds organization and spoke highly about their fans even after being traded to Baltimore after winning the triple crown. Because the O’s could not pay him $300M, Manny chose to trash the team and the city. I wish him well with the Padres, but also hope he would have shown some class to thank Baltimore and its fans who supported him through both the highs and lows.

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