ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — Should motorcycles be able to drive in between cars when traffic is backed up?

There was a hearing Thursday for House Bill 917, that would require the Motor Vehicle Administration to allow motorcycles to “split lanes” when traffic is congestion.

The bipartisan sponsored bill would make it so bikers could drive in between cars up to 10 mph faster than the cars around them to avoid being hit.

House of Delegates motorcycle mama Kathy Szeliga, who took her bike into her 2016 campaign for Senate is promoting rider safety this session with a bill to allow lane splitting, driving between traffic lanes to maneuver out of and around backups.

“We’re not talking about screaming up 95 popping wheelies between cars that’s not what we’re thinking of, Szeliga said, “But that may be what the public thinks about when they start thinking about this concept because they have not seen it done before,”

Veteran riders insist accidents are not as likely when lane splitting than they are travelling in single lane traffic.

Shelli McLane has been riding motorcycles for 30 years.

“I’ve been down four times. Once was due to the guy I was riding with and the rest were due to the distracted driving of other people,” McLane said.

She said riders have better chances of surviving being sideswiped than rear-ended.

The bill supporters also realize there has to be a lot of public education before people are comfortable with the idea.

The Motorcycle Assocation Abate supports it.

Annie Sanford of the Abate of Maryland Motorcycle Association said research supports lane splitting.

But it may take more than research to legalize it.

It is not expected to pass this session, but Delegate Szeliga wants to get the conversation started.

“It will take a program to let people know this is safe and they have a responsibility to pay attention,” Szeliga said.

California currently has a law and five other states are considering it.

What do you think? Take our poll.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    This is a fantastic way to have less motorcycle riders. Who thinks this stuff up?

  2. You people are NUTS!! MORE NONSENSE from the LIBERALS! Do you REALLY think they will go slow?? They will be flying and creating such a danger to all!! LIBERAL CRAZINESS! Where do you nut jobs come up with this stuff?? They wreck into me I’m suing you and them!

  3. Here is a another HAIR-BRAINED LIBERAL IDEA>>> Let’s disarm the school police and make them work traffic making a way for motorcycles to race in close quarters thru STOPPED traffic. Then when a police officer gets run over you can give him his gun back! Sound like any other of your previous dumb ideas???

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