BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Road crews are preparing for another round of possible snow one tractor load of salt at a time.

They said Thursday the real problem could be snow coinciding with the morning commute. Crews spent the day mixing and spraying down the anti-ice cocktail that could save your Friday morning commute from a winter storm slowdown.

Maryland Weather: Winter Weather Advisory Issued

They were already busy painting the white lines on major highways, designed to guard against the white stuff that creates the mess for drivers.

They said they are well practiced by this point in the year, State Highway Administration spokesperson Charlie Gischlar said crews are pre-treating the roads Thursday.

“It’s what we do,” he said. “They will be treating until we think that everything, the pavement temperatures, are above freezing. Then we can start retiring the troops for the day.”

This brings interstates and highways ahead of the snow expected overnight into Friday morning smacking the state right before rush hour, a potentially dangerous deja vu.

Maryland saw its last blast of winter weather just days ago, leaving drivers stuck in park on snow packed streets.

And now, here it comes again.

Some residents are looking forward to it.

“I’m not really tired of [the snow] because we get to cancel school, and I’m a winter baby, so I’m used to it,” a local resident said.

Others are not as excited for the snow.

Jerald Macachor, of Baltimore, relocated from San Diego and wants nothing to do with the impending snow.

“In California, it hardly ever rains,” he said. “Here, yeah, you got to be prepared for it.”

As always, road crews said they appreciate if drivers give them space to work, even during rush hour.

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