Hi Everyone!

“It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood”…Fred Rodgers started every one of his remarkable shows that way. And today so am I.

I know it is cold but I also know after today we climb out of the freezer as we move toward the weeks-end and weekend. What makes this day’s cold tolerable is the Sun. Now high in the sky you can ACTUALLY feel the warmth of El Sol as it shines on you. Yesterday I got in my car, after work, and it was facing the sun and warm when I got in. Two months ago the auto would have been frigid. The sun, now just two weeks away from Spring is really making a big difference. in man and beast alike. Yesterday when I got home the dog was laying in the sun coming through a big sliding glass door. By that door even a month ago it would have been just cold glass radiating cold.

Yep it is only going to be 31° today almost 20 degrees below normal. And that is before the wind chill which will be about 18° in the teeth of the breeze. But that sunshine,..two words; “OH YEAH!”

 Speaking of Fred Rogers just a tip for ya. The documentary, “Won’t you be my neighbor”, (which we found on Netflix), is a fantastic look at a really cool, genuinely nice, and really committed to children man. I just did not realize, as I was too old during his big run, at how deep Mr. Rogers really was. And how much he cared about the impact TV has on all of us, especially kids.  In the end he is the real deal, and there are not enough Fred Rogers around. You will be uplifted, and encouraged how good a place one man can make a world. Stay warm and TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!



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