BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore Police officer has become the talk of the city.

Not only does Joshua Jackson protect the streets, but he also raps. A video of Jackson rapping has gone viral.

“My music is out there to touch people, to impact lives,” he said.

His latest song was produced in house by Baltimore City Police. The song sheds light on his experience in the force.

BPD Officer Joshua Jackson, the rapping cop.

“Domestic, shootings, cuttings. I’ve seen it all,” Jackson said. “I’ve seen it all, and that’s made me the man I am today. It’s certainly influenced my music, showing me how fortunate I am to be where I am.”

Jackson said that his music is also meant to inspire the Baltimore City Police force.

“I feel like as hard as we work out here, there are officers who aren’t motivated enough, and maybe feel there aren’t people behind them enough,” he said. “This is a song that can give them more motivation behind what they do.”

Jackson also said that his music is meant to show citizens that police officers are people, too.

“Maybe they’ll say, ‘Hey, that cop was actually cool there. That gets passed onto the next guy and the next guy and so forth.”

Jackson is just 25 and said that he is already delivering what he has dreamed of.

“I’m at the point I can change the world, where I can change the world,” he said. “So it’s time for me to make moves.”

Jackson currently serves the Central District.

He wants to start bringing kids into the studio with him and show them how to record and write music while continuing to build those relations.

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