BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore city police are investigating after a student was stabbed at Patterson High School Monday.

According to Baltimore City Schools, two students were involved in a fight when one student stabbed the other.

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The victim’s family said it was self-defense against a group of students, and he was stabbed in the hand.

Patterson High student Keara Trueheart said it happened around fourth period on the third floor, and the school quickly went on lockdown.

School police responded and brought the situation under control.

The injured student was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The second student was taken into custody.

The school was place on alert status during this time to ensure safety for students and staff.

Monday’s victim is the second student stabbed in consecutive school days.

Police said on Friday, an 18-year-old Baltimore City College student was stabbed just outside the school after dismissal.

President of Baltimore City School Police, Clyde Boatwright, said the violence is alarming.

“To have back to back days, on Friday and now Monday for students to be stabbed at separate locations, that is really, really alarming to police officers,” Boatwright said.

“Providing safe, secure, and positive climates for teaching and learning is City Schools’ top priority. Acts of violence will not be tolerated, and the student taken into custody will receive all appropriate consequences in accordance with both the district’s code of conduct and the law,” city schools said in a statement to WJZ.

Now, students are calling for more safety so this does not happen again.

“I mean we need more cops and stuff in here, because there shouldn’t be no reason why you know he was just upstairs and got stabbed,” Trueheart said.

The victim’s family said they are expecting him to be okay, the school said the student taken into custody will receive all appropriate consequences in regards to the district and the law.

“This is something that is unique to this school year, and with that level of violence it’s only getting warmer and we’re just concerned with the change in weather we’ll just have more violence,” Boatwright said.

This story is developing, stay with WJZ for the latest.

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  1. Sorry city school police we can’t give you your gun you have to fight the knife welding armed suspect with your bare hands and take the risks of getting stabbed to death… So says and mandated by the CITY COUNSEL MEMBERS! Maybe we should let the counsel members fight these armed felons and see how they fair out! It just goes ON and ON!!

  2. Nice job CITY counsel members keeping weapons of school property’s.Be proud of yourselves you have NOT succeeded yet! Typical DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS, everyone’s armed but the police! SMH!!