Hi Everyone!

It is the last Wednesday of the month of March. But even bigger it is the last Wednesday of the Orioles off season. We start the new MLB season against those New Yorks tomorrow. And one week from tomorrow we open at home. Camden yards comes alive.

Trees are starting to look, from a distance, a bit fuzzy on top. Nature is blooming. And a drive through the rural areas of Maryland will give you a beautiful sight that being foals running in fields, calf’s following their mothers, and more birds flying that we have seen in a while.

The last Wednesday of March..and time to put the brakes ON! For months we have been waiting for Spring to return, now it is time to stop the clock and savor. Much easier said than done, but as I like to say “me time” is a big deal. If you don’t treat yourself to a “chillax” who will. Tomorrow we say “Play Ball”, today I say, “Play Along.”



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