Hi Everyone!


So here we are at the beginning of the two day mild up that has been discussed almost all week.

But I think we need to add another word to this discussion. That word,…HUMID. With warm air around  now, and hot air around (later in the season, moving up from the South or Southeast),  the moisture content of the air, (humidity), becomes a player. For example this morning the thermometer was in the mid upper 40’s, and a bit humid at 44%.

Actually that humidity made it a bit milder feeling. Now granted in a month or two, when it gets in the 80’s with 900% humidity we will be dreaming of a white Christmas, but for now A-OK!

Warmer tomorrow, then chillier as we head into Sunday and early next week. But these day’s chillier is the low 50’s. Not too shabby. Looking ahead to the future we are keeping an eye on a potential coastal issue Wednesday but clearing weather with seasonal temps for Opening Day Thursday. We’ll discuss that more on Monday.

Friday in the big town. And the clean slate of a weekend lay ahead. The last weekend of March.

T.G.I.F. everyone..ain’t it the TRUTH!



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