CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. (WJZ) — The wild ponies on Chincoteague were moved to the south corral over the weekend after local officials said visitors broke the rules around interacting with the horses.

According to the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce, the fire company moved Riptide and his band after visitors approached the ponies and tried to feed them.

“The ponies will remain there until Spring Roundup on April 12-13 because onlookers continue to disregard the three simple rules that are in place to keep them safe and the ponies in their natural habitat for all to enjoy,” the chamber posted on its Facebook page.

“The rules are: PLEASE stay at least 50 feet from the ponies. PLEASE do not feed the ponies. PLEASE do not approach the ponies. We ask that EVERYONE follow these rules. Although they look very calm when grazing, these are wild ponies and in an instant can become aggressive especially during foaling season. Please respect their home and space and love them from a distance,” the post continued.

On March 18, the fire company also posted about visitors breaking the rules.

Chincoteague Island is known for its wild ponies and is a regular attraction for tourists who want to see the ponies for themselves and take photos.

Locals enjoy the ponies as well.

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  1. Kaye Trueman Harris says:

    I have been riding horses for 45 years and training horses for 35. I followed the rules when I visited. But saw others who did not. Humankind. If only we’d cooperate….. So the ones who can’t ruin for everyone.

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