BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Acting Mayor Jack Young met with his cabinet on his eighth day as acting mayor for the city, while Mayor Catherine Pugh remains on leave of absence- in an effort to show city services are unaltered amid the scandal.

“It’s basically to keep government moving. It’s not to upset the apple cart, but to keep city services moving. Our citizens are demanding that services be continued,” Young said.

Pugh is on indefinite leave- citing her health. She is under investigation from multiple state and local agencies, after receiving payments from several companies and entities for her “Healthy Holly” children’s books, totaling at least $700,000.

“Our city needs to heal right now. It needs to move forward. It needs to restore the trust the public has in the leadership,” said Councilman Leon Pinkett.

All 14 members of Baltimore’s city council asked Pugh to step down  Monday. She replied she full intends to return.

“For the best interests for the City of Baltimore, we don’t feel it would be prudent for her to return and then possibly leave again,” Baltimore City Delegate Cheryl Glenn said.

One of her top aides, Jim Smith, announced last week he was resigning his position in the mayor’s office.

Smith served alongside Pugh on the UMMS Board before he resigned from that position.

State Comptroller Peter Franchot called for the mayor to resign but thinks it could end with criminal charges.

“She could be indicted for criminal exercises as well as the sleazy, grease my palms stuff for selling these books to folks,” he said.

Young said all others of Pugh’s staff are staying.

“I want them to continue to do their job, until such time as the mayor comes back, or if she doesn’t come back, and that’s continue to move the city forward,” Young said.

Young gathered with Maryland’s congressional delegation in Washington, D.C., Tuesday afternoon. He came back to the city to the war memorial for a taxpayers’ night.

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Paul Gessler

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  1. Here you go Pugh you made national headlines, how proud you must be! “Baltimore mayor refuses to step down over children’s book scandal despite pressure from city council”

  2. Your disgusting for the black cloud you created and added amongst all the others already put there by the previous and current corrupt democrats. Thanks for adding shame on top of shame!

  3. Given dixon, the destroyer lady (don’t remember her name, and now pugh, I wonder exactly how bad the next one will be. But that’s ok baltimore, keep voting left and rush toward your own destruction.

  4. Like anyone believes her, FUNNY how when she gave her little babbling news conference when she was discharged from the hospital she did not appear or act like she was that sick. She made everyone else laugh holding up those kids clothes, she is full of it! What a disgrace she turned out to be…

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