BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Great Baltimore Committee’s Board of Directors called for the resignation of Mayor Catherine Pugh Friday.

“The Board acknowledges Mayor Pugh’s current leave of absence for health reasons and expressed its best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery,” the GBC board said in a statement. “After considerable discussion and thought, the Board determined that Mayor Pugh no longer possesses the public trust or moral authority to lead the city due to concerns regarding the activities that have come to light while she served as a State Senator and as Mayor of the city.”

Pugh has been under fire since an investigation revealed she had received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sales of the “Healthy Holly” children’s book series, while she was in office.

“This was a difficult decision requiring a great deal of thought, but the GBC believes the Mayor can no longer provide the leadership and effective government that Baltimore needs and deserves at this time,” said Donald C. Fry, President and CEO of the GBC. “The GBC Board determined that it is necessary for Mayor Pugh to resign so the city can move on, heal and leverage the many positive assets it has going for it.”

The call for Pugh’s resignation from The Great Baltimore Committee’s Board of Directors comes shortly after Acting Mayor Jack Young requested that the Department of Audits review Associate Black Charities’ (ABC) management of the first year of funding for the Baltimore City Children and Youth Fund.

Acting Baltimore Mayor Jack Young Requests Audit Of Associated Black Charities’ Youth Fund

A number of other investigations have been opened up into Pugh’s book dealings with several other organizations, including the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) where Pugh was once a board member.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s Healthy Holly LLC Gave Up To $7K To Political Campaigns, Including Her Own

The Maryland Auto Insurance Fund also wrote a $7,500 check to the Healthy Holly LLC in August of 2012, according to the organization.

Maryland Auto Insurance Fund Wrote $7,500 Check To Healthy Holly LLC, According To Organization

The organization’s former executive director authorized the issuance of a check in the amount of $7,500 payable to Healthy Holly, LLC. for its outreach program with the Associated Black Charities.

Pugh remains on leave of absence. Her spokesperson said that she is focusing on her health after she was hospitalized from pneumonia.

Her spokesperson also said that Pugh fully intends to return to work when her health permits her to do so.

A complete timeline of the controversy surrounding Mayor Catherine Pugh and her “Healthy Holly” book dealings can be found here.

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Paul Gessler

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  1. Thank you for caring and doing what is best for Baltimore and it’s citizens!

  2. Tickedoff Person says:

    That is it then. The OWNERS of the CITY/City Hall just made it official. See ya Pugh. Don’t worry Hon. They’ll give you a Golden Parachute, make you ahead of something for six figures a year. Wonder what puppet they’ll parade in front of us next? One thing is for sure. It will be a Democrat and will be already OWNED. Stay tuned for status quo, same old same old, good ole’ boy puppet. Remember when they use to call themselves the Greater Baltimore Business Committee. They stopped that after Dixon. Same OWNERS different name.

  3. I bet $5 she won’t resign, and thus will essentially say, “[Convict me of a crime to remove me]”. Any takers?

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