By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — 80° this afternoon. That has to be the headline. But check this out, today’s record high is 96° back in 1896. That had em talking…the record low today is just as interesting and shows how the thermometer can swing wildly in April. In 1875 it was 26°. Pretty wild.

This hot humid air will be a big player tomorrow when a cold front slowly moves into it and across the area. We have discussed, and can now say, we are fairly sure some severe weather is possible. I point out “slowly moving” because rain could be heavy and appear even heavier if it slowly moves over a neighborhood.

It is time for my yearly, as the potential severe weather season starts, plug for our mobile weather app. We’ve all got it. It gives you alerts and all you need to know to deal with rapidly changing tough weather. Give it a shot, you can always delete it,  but give it a try. Forewarned is forearmed. Enough said.

Temps, rain, that sun high in the sky…can you imagine the pollen next week? No complaints as I judge weather by, “Do you have to shovel it?” Well wait, come to think about it, you may have to shovel it…All good. Enjoy this warm afternoon.



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