BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Elijah Cummings, appeared on Face the Nation on Sunday.

Cummings said the Mueller report has left a roadmap and it is up to Congress to take the investigation further with regard to obstruction.

He also said he can quote “forsee” impeachment proceedings “possibly coming” against President Trump.

Read the whole interview transcript here. 

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Comments (9)
  1. Jeremy Campbell says:

    whole lot of stupid in DC these days

  2. Jake Bailey says:

    For a crime that never happened??? uh sure, and the supreme court would throw it out in 2 seconds

  3. No one cares what you think! You have your scandal in Baltimore with the corrupt democrats running city hall, you need to put your OWN house in order before you start pointing fingers! You need to get corrupt Pugh out along with the rest of the corruption, stop the daily violet crimes and murders (Balto. city #2 in murders in the nation), roving armed hoodrats and the out of control drug wars along with our falling down infrastructure of Baltimore city! This has all been caused by the democratic rule and govt corruption for years. The democrats are the direct cause for the demise of Baltimore city. GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER!!!

  4. Melanie Lechner Taylor says:

    The only impeachment in your future will be your own. You have done NOTHING for the past two years. We, the people demand you reimburse the National Treasury with your salaries for 2017 and 2018, ASAP.

  5. Brett Hoag says:

    LOL These Dems though! They are just doing everything they can to hand the 2020 WH to Trump. LOL

  6. Robert Sendler says:

    Please please please please try to impeach President Trump. After the 2 year long nothing burger it would make a pretty good campaign add…for the Republicans.

  7. If the Democrats keep this up and the Republicans don’t get their package together, We will need a real revolution and fire ALL of them

  8. Claude Bawls says:

    There are miles to go before we sleep. Democrat’s there are a month or two of other impending Federal, State, and local investigations along with the Mueller Report of Trump wrong doing that can be revealed, clarified, and investigated live on TV for the American people. Keep your powder dry and wait until ALL the revelations have been thoroughly revealed and the public fully educated, then fire the fatal impeachment shot.

  9. Why we need term limits, you have politicians like this one on Face the Nation this morning miking the system for years and nothing to show for it other then a city under siege with violence, murders, drugs and rampant democratic corruption in our city hall! This is the reality of the demise in Baltimore city at the democratic rule for years!! It is what is! No denying it! The democrats have destroyed this once great city, NOW people are leaving in droves to escape it and it’s corruption.

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