BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A jury has been seated in the case of Dawnta Harris, a teenager accused of hitting and killing Baltimore County police Officer Amy Caprio last year with a stolen Jeep.

Harris is the first of four teens to go on trial in the murder. He was 16 at the time of the killing and faces adult charges that carry life in prison without the possibility of parole.

According to prosecutors, Harris ran over Officer Caprio as she investigated reports that several homes were being robbed on Linwen Way in Perry Hall last May.

Defense attorneys have argued the slain officer was too “aggressive” and should never have pulled Harris over in the stolen Jeep.

They also criticized her for opening fire on him as he sped toward her.

J. Wyndal Gordon, who represents the teen, said he is not concerned about those who dislike his criticism of the fallen officer.

“There’s some ugly truths about this case, and we plan to expose them,“ Gordon said. “That’s all I’m trying to do. I can’t be timid about my client’s defense.“

Defense attorneys lost several pre-trial motions including their request to stop prosecutors from showing Officer Caprio’s body-worn camera video at the time of the incident.

The defense had previously called on the state’s attorney to release the video, claiming it would show the death was accidental and that Harris was “ducking in fear of a hail of gunfire” as he drove the Jeep toward Caprio.

Prosecutors cannot mention Harris’ troubled past, including that he was on electronic home monitoring at the time of the murder.

A WJZ Investigation found Harris had stolen four cars in the six months before Caprio’s killing. He even broke out of a juvenile facility.

His exasperated mother said she petitioned for her son to be locked up for his own good, but a judge allowed him to be placed on home detention.

Who’s To Blame For An ‘Alleged Cop Killer’ Being Back On The Streets?

Officer Caprio was killed just days before her 30th birthday and was praised by the police chief and colleagues as an exemplary officer.

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  1. LAWYER IDIOT!! It’s because she feared for her life! Your HOODRAT client was a fleeing felon and was doing ANYTHING at all cost to escape INCLUDING run down an officer in the performance of her sworn duties! That does sum it up for you! BTW he was in violation of his house arrest! You make me sick!! We have a dead officer because your HOODRAT client would rather steal then work an honest day! Lock him up for LIFE!!

  2. He NEVER should see the light of day again!! All he had to do was STOP AND COMPLY!! He made the choice to FLEE at all cost and MURDERED Officer Caprio!

  3. Jeff Haynes says:

    So, it’s the officer’s own fault she was murdered, not the thug’s.

  4. Tickedoff Person says:

    All four are out of control. No respect for the law or any other citizen. It’s them at all cost. Well the check is due. You can’t run anymore. it would be nice if all four were found dead in their cell.

  5. Stephen Link says:

    Kill the punks!

  6. Because your are trying to make a name for yourself by even degrading this officer. According to you I guess she should of just handed over her keys to her patrol car and said her just steal this one instead. You have the MORALS of a RAT yourself!!

  7. The only ugly truths are your hoodrat murdering client and your ethics and morals! Sorry just because he is black does not count NO RACE CARDS TODAY!!, he is still a murdering thug and will never see the light of day again!

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