BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The organizational shake-up continues within the Baltimore City Police Department.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Melvin Russell is leaving the force. A 40-year veteran of the department, Russell said he will be retiring. His last day will be Wednesday.

Last week, Commissioner Michael Harrison announced he was thinning out his command staff to streamline the department.

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  1. Got to make room for his cousins…So suddenly just like that these high ranking officers are out of a job?? Something don’t seem right! I don’t think we are getting the full story.

  2. He is getting rid of high ranking BPD seasoned officers and then bringing two of his buddies from Texas to fill high ranking positions?? Something stinks suddenly this high ranking officer leaves the force just saying restructuring yet bringing in two buddies from Texas. P.U. something stinks… yet he has done nothing with the violence and shootings that still goes on and on and on! Guess he will get around to it sometime when he feels like it, guess it’s more important to get his buddies on the payroll! Maybe when you get a minute you might want to address the crime on the streets. Still waiting to see results for the amount of money he being paid!

  3. Tickedoff Person says:

    Melvin….take your earned pension and run. Just hope you don’t have to live in the nightmare that Blake placed on the rank and file of both police and fire dept’s. Imagine retiring then have your pension stolen from you after you leave. All new terms forced on you AFTER YOU LEAVE. Live on the edge of poverty, super inflated health care premiums. 1-2% increase in pension benefit per year even though core inflation is at 2.75%+ not counting food or gasoline. Now your 1-2% increase is calculated on your pension benefit as it was in 2010. So your 9 years behind on where your benefit should be when you agreed to retire. All thanks to O’Malley purposely underfunding the pension system since 1999 but telling the public it was up to date.Blake rolls in as Mayor and tells the public she knew nothing about it. Even though she was president of city council and she had to approve the shortfall. Then she is in front of a federal judge not too long ago. Tells the judge she doesn’t remember what she did to the retired while she was mayor. She runs back to D.C as a consultant after her court room antic’s. Yes Melvin…take your pension and run………

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