By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Well we ducked a couple of punches from Mother Nature this weekend, especially yesterday. What a nice Easter Sunday it turned out to be. A mostly cloudy forecast, presented last Friday, became a pleasant mixture of clouds and sun, and rain free. Nice. I hope you got to enjoy the day.

Now we move into the first part of latter April, and it starts out mild, and gets quite warm as early as tomorrow. The normal high is now 67°. Today 73°, tomorrow 83°. Even with clouds giving us an umbrella effect we only drop to the mid upper 70’s on Wednesday. The chilliest day of the 7 day outlook is 69° on Saturday. That is normal for the day, so not bad.

Spring is in full bloom and this week will certainly be a beautiful one. I guess the mild Winter and early Spring warmth has helped this out. Yesterday we did a family stroll, and some pictures, at Sherwood Gardens, the Tulip capital of Baltimore. And those flowers were in FULL bloom. FULL BLOOM. Cherry Blossom trees, area wide are simply gorgeous, and Azalea’s are just starting to show what will be their colors in just a couple of weeks.

Spring in Maryland makes you forget about Winters “bla” quick. And that is beautiful.



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