BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the first time, prosecutors showed jurors Officer Amy Caprio’s body-worn camera video that showed the moment a stolen Jeep ran her over. It’s some of the most crucial evidence in the trial that began Tuesday.

Prosecutors said Dawnta Harris, who was 16 at the time, was behind the wheel.

Caprio responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle after a series of robberies in Baltimore County last May. Police said Harris was the lookout and his three friends broke into houses.

In the video, Officer Caprio followed the Jeep to a cul-de-sac on Linwin Way in her police cruiser. The Jeep turned around and faced her. Caprio got out with her service weapon pointed at the Jeep. She yelled to Harris eight separate times to get out of the vehicle.

The Jeep drove toward her and hit her. You can hear her moan in pain for several moments while bystanders rushed to help. Before she was struck, Officer Caprio fired one shot at the Jeep. Her blood then pools in front of the camera lens.

“This was a senseless, cruel, unnecessary murder,” said prosecutor Zarena Sita in her opening statement. “This is one of the few cases where you’re going to watch the murder happen on video.”

Sita called the Jeep “a 4,000-pound murder weapon.”

Harris’ high-profile defense team of J. Wyndal Gordon and Warren Brown described their client as a “child” who “panicked.” They said the incident was an accident.

“The officer threw herself in the pathway of a vehicle. There’s got to be something in the training that says you don’t place yourself in the way of a moving vehicle,” Gordon told jurors. “We’re questioning why did she pull out a weapon on a mere traffic violation. Why are you pulling out a weapon and training it on somebody’s face.”

Jurors also heard from Kirsten Roller, who called 911 to report people breaking into her neighbor’s home. She also witnessed Caprio get run down and wept on the stand.

“I noticed there was blood coming from her head,” Roller testified. “There were tire tracks on her legs. I can’t get her face out of my head.”

The trial is expected to wrap up early next week. “It’s gonna be a dogfight,” Gordon said. “He matters and I’m going to fight for him hard.”

Caprio was killed just days from her 30th birthday.

“This defendant stole Officer Caprio’s life from her,” prosecutor Sita said.

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  1. Don’t know who is worse, that murderous thug HOODRAT you are defending or you…Painting a picture POOR POOKY as a victim and a child EXCEPT you do adult crimes you get adult justice! Hopefully the coward and his new boyfriend BUBBA are enjoying the 5X5 new home… Knowing for months he was on a crime spree robbing and stealing taking from others and acting like an adult HOODRAT because he is too LAZY and USELESS! He is not fit or worthy to breath our air! TOO BAD for you and the HOODRAT the jury saw the graphic pain and suffering he inflicted on HERO OFFICER AMY CAPRIO you can NEVER erase those images from their mind HA! HA! LIFE FOR THE HOODRAT!!!! THE LORD WILL DEAL WITH HIM AND YOU one day for your unscrupulous, heartlessness and lack of conscience. The ultimate justice from the Lord would be if you and your family suffered the same fate and suffering as HERO OFFICER AMY CAPRIO!! THEN YOU WILL KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE! That would be justice served!

  2. Hero Officer Amy Caprio died protecting the citizens of Baltimore County which she swore to do! Nothing a useless heartless defense attorney can ever say or do to change that!!! I take comfort in
    knowing that and HOODRAT THUG Dawnta Harris will be remembered and go down in history as a thieving, moral less shameful murderous thug! Be proud MOMMY!!

  3. Linda Kelly says:

    A perfect example of why you would never want your child to get through law school and become a defense attorney. What a travesty! How do they sleep at night?

  4. The way you tell it you pooky the hoodrat was on his way to church instead of stealing cars, robbing houses and murdering police officers! You BOTH have the MORALS of a RAT hard to tell you’s apart !! Your mother must be so proud of you trying to turn this waste of human flesh back out onto innocent citizens, we can only hope one day your family, kids suffer the same demise, that would be sweet justice!!

  5. This right here is why MD should still have the death penalty. Life in prison is to good for this hoodrat pos, actual justice would be to let Amy’s family get behind a 4000 pound vehicle and show the “perfect little diddn do nuffin choir boy” what it feels like.

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