By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — CWA. Car.Wash. Alert. It’s about time to start to issue them. Gonna wash my whip today. It’s got to be done. Yeah I know there could be some scattered showers overnight but that green hue of pollen has got to be removed. It, on a microscopic level IS abrasive. So I figure with a high today of 83° why not.

OR am I just trying to figure out a way to spend the afternoon outside? I’d like to say a combo of both but lean toward getting some natural Vitamin D, and fresh air. (By the way it IS time to start using sunscreen daily. For real. Enough said.)

The temp roller coaster continues but the numbers on the high and low side continue to rise. 83 to 76  to 71 back to the get the idea. All a part of putting the past season even further away in our rear view mirror. Which when I get it windexed clean today will be a nice view.


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