OXFORD, Ala. (CBS Local) — An Alabama man’s message for young people went viral after he saw an elderly woman eating alone while he was out with his friends.

Jamario Howard, of Lincoln, Alabama, was out eating with his friends over the weekend when he saw an elderly woman eating alone.

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“My exact thoughts was ‘dang I’d hate to have to eat alone,'” Howard wrote in a post on Facebook.

He went over to the woman and asked if he could join her and she said yes.

After talking with the woman, Howard learned that her 60th wedding anniversary was the next day, but that her husband had passed away.

He invited the woman to eat with him and his friends.

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“The point in this is always be kind and be nice to people. You never know what they are going through. This woman changed my outlook on life and how i look at other people. Everyone has a story so do not judge! And people I can’t stress this enough,” he said.

He encouraged people to reach out to their moms and grandparents.

“They miss you!!” he said.

The post was share more then 48,000 times on Facebook and garnered more than 16,000 comments.

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