By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Man oh man…We are approaching the last weekend of April, for real! This time next week we will be discussing the blanket of Roses and the run, for the fame, that comes with winning the Kentucky Derby. Next weekend is the first weekend of May. Inotherwords Spring is a third over. And so far so good, one of the better Springs of the past few years. Let’s hope this beautiful season continues.

A couple of showers around today, not a lot of rain but a couple of showers. Then tonight here we go into the second Friday in a row with the forecast of enhanced rain and an enhanced chance of severe weather. Last Friday we dodged issues here, let’s hope that run continues.

(Shout out to me for the different use of “continues” twice. Though I am pretty sure my English teachers would have said change it up, maybe use “let’s hope that run carries forth!!”  “Continues” continues to work.)

71° today, not too shabby. 3° above normal. Seasonally mild. Have a fine and safe day.