BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS, gives a life expectancy up to five years.

Former Baltimore Raven OJ Brigance is living 12 years and counting post-diagnosis.

With dark moments throughout this time, he is choosing to find the light- mesmerizing people with his fight.

Sunday, at the 6th Annual Brigance Brigade Foot Race, hundreds realized at the finish line, they’re just getting started.

With hundreds running from the sound of a horn, they step into the right direction- this one of support for a top athlete who can’t physically run on his own.

“This guy is one of a kind,” said former Baltimore Raven Eric Weddle.

And he is- living 12 years with ALS, even keeping a front office job with the Ravens- diagnosing a way to be part of the solution, and how to keep fighting.

“My hope is that people take from today and my legacy is my spirit of resiliency. No matter what happens to us in life, we have an opportunity to respond by helping others,” Brigance said.

“OJ and I have been given this special assignment of being one of many who are living with ALS but at the same time, we’ve also been able to connect with others and others have been allowed to see how we’re getting through it,” His wife, Chanda, said.

Surrounded by his best, there is no desire for sympathy, he is choosing to fight on.

“To me, I am living out a life that has been given bonus time so I will celebrate every milestone that I am blessed to reach,” Brigance said.

Over $100,000 was raised from Sunday’s race.


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