BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Seven people were shot during a cookout Sunday afternoon in West Baltimore, police said.

The cookout was on 2500 Edmondson Ave, police said. While it was near a Baptist church in the area, they said it was not related in any way.

Manhunt For Shooting Suspect Who Targeted Cookout In West Baltimore; Killing 1

One of the seven victims, a man, has died, police said.

The victims, a 58-year-old man, a 51-year-old man, a 30-year-old man, a 29-year-old man, a 27-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman all suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said there were two cookouts on two sides of the streets, but were not sure at this time if they were related.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison spoke briefly while on the scene, saying police have shell chasing in two separate areas, which he said would indicate people fired from two separate scenes.

“We will not stop until we find who did this so that we can hold them accountable,” Harrison said.

Based on the evidence, they believe a second shooter was involved.

At this time, a suspect and motive is unknown.

“We had optimum staffing for this weekend and we will continue to do so throughout the summer,” He said.

Acting Mayor Jack Young confirmed the victim who died ran behind the church and collapsed there, but it had nothing to do with the church itself.

Councilman Brandon Scott tweeted shortly after it was confirmed, saying in part, “Must be better. All of us,”

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  1. Robert Courtney says:

    Yeah, and 4 people got crushed b7 a crane today.
    We’ll see which one will used politically, and by whom.

  2. All that gun control yet …. Baltimore, gotta love it!

  3. Matt Van Gogh says:


  4. Dave Fay says:

    Baltimore, Baptist church, 2500 Edmonson Ave (in the hood), Never mind, nothing to see here,
    move along, move along.

  5. This is the fallout from years of democratic corruption, there is no end it sight til they are all gone or in jail! We have a unethical corrupt mayor hiding out in her house under some fake guise watching this city crash and burn, do you think that selfish no good mayor would do what’s right for this city to help it. NOPE not in her not in her nature or even care enough about this city! IT”S ALL ABOUT HER AND WHAT SHE CAN TAKE FROM THIS CITY ON HER WAY OUT! The corrupt democrats are busy lining own pockets and looking out for themselves and enabling the hoodrats to cry brutality over every little thing. It does not pay to be a cop in this city! No wonder they are leaving in droves…

  6. Maybe give the police chief a larger salary, yeah that will fix it he is not making enough! SMH Nothing has changed nothing as far as violent crimes since he took control and put his buddies from Texas on the payroll…NOTHING!! It’s worse…

  7. Omar Hossin says:

    And Freddie Gray is still dead!!!!

  8. Tickedoff Person says:

    I need to buy some stock in the hoods funeral homes. This needs to pick up. Maybe during daylight hours i can start leaving boxes of ammo on certain street corners.

  9. Tickedoff Person says:

    H-A-R-R-I-S-O-N…………..H-A-R-R-I-S-O-N…………HARRISON! Time to wake up harrison

  10. Don Harper says:

    It’s Baltimore, who cares.

  11. Time for another cease fire?

  12. Jrfred Coker says:

    But they removed all the statues.