LUTHERVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — At a church in Lutherville, Md., Sunday services have become a 150-year tradition.

“We thank God every day for having St. John’s here, and for 150 years, it’s quite an accomplishment these days,” said John Sparkling, a parishioner.

St. John’s United Methodist celebrated the big milestone Sunday with a special celebration service, with pastors and parishioners from the past as well as elected leaders.

“While nothing about our community is quite the same as it was back in 1869, you all still stand strong, as does the faith in this community,” said Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski.

St. John’s was founded in 1869, at the close of the Civil War. At that time, the issue of slavery divided towns and even families- and St. John’s advocated for the abolitionist movement.

“When the state was divided over the issue of slavery, they were for freedom. So they advocated for abolition. The congregants themselves, even though the church wasn’t in place at that time, those that were meeting early were,” said Rev. Carol Pazdersky.

In the years that followed, St. John’s has continued its mission to help those in need.

“This church does an awful lot for the community, and the church knows who might have some problems and will be there to help,” said Baltimore County Councilman Wade Kach.

County Executive Olszewski also presented an executive citation on behalf of the county, marking the occasion.


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