BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Lou Catelli, a man who is known as the unofficial mayor of Hampden, filed to be Baltimore city’s mayor Monday.

Catelli filed Monday morning at City Hall.

He also began a campaign on Facebook.

The unofficial mayor of Hampden said he feels he’s timed this one perfectly. He’s trying to make it official.

“Extremely excited, extremely excited to get started,” Catelli said.

He now has a year to convince voters he should lead Baltimore.

WJZ Reporter Mike Schuh: “Is this candidacy a joke or a publicity stunt? 

“Not at all. There is a real need across the city for real leadership. We all know about the fun stuff, the joke stuff that I do, that’s great, but I also am a huge person that interacts with the community every day,” Catelli said.

Dressed in a ripped t-shirt, year-round short-shorts and gold sneakers, Catelli compared himself to a William Donald Schaefer

“He was a character too and he just used all his enthusiasms for life and he did the whole entire city, and it just spread infectious all around the city,”

WJZ Reporter Mike Schuh: “Are you saying you’re a modern day William Donald Schaefer?” 

“I’m going to tell you this, it would be quite an honor to be called the William Donald Schaefer of the modern era. That’s my goal,” He replied.

Catelli said he doesn’t want your money. Instead, anything someone wants to donate to him, give to a good community group in your neighborhood.

Former Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah already announced in early April he will be running for city mayor in 2020 as well.

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  1. I truly think it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to Baltimore’s next mayor, considering the disasters of the last 3 administrations. The city needs radical change.

  2. Hmm…Why not! I’d consider voting for him. He can’t do as bad as the last three clowns did.

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