BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Judges have denied a request from Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to dismiss convictions in nearly 5,000 cases of marijuana possession.

Mosby announced in January that she would cease prosecuting cases of marijuana possession as well as ask the courts to throw out thousands of old convictions.

She said those cases clog the system.

The State’s Attorney’s Office said it is considering its options following the judge’s ruling.

“The role that courts play in our society is to be a place of last resort for people who have been wronged. I am deeply disappointed that this ruling did not afford us any opportunity to present legal arguments and essentially eliminated the court from being a safe harbor for those that were harmed by the discriminatory enforcement of marijuana laws in this city. My office is considering our options and will pursue all avenues to ensure we continue standing up for the people of Baltimore.”

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  1. Thank you Judge for doing your job and upholding the laws, UNLIKE our city states attorney refusing to do her job and enforce ALL laws! She picks and chooses which laws she will abide by… SHAME ON YOU MOSBY!!

  2. Take the hint MOSBY there are people above you that have more legal and moral authority then you ever will. TOUGH BREAK… 🙂

  3. Open your eyes MOSBY and take a good hard look at the out of control drug problem in this city and it does not help with you fueling it at ANY level, your a MESS!

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