BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  The search is on for the shooter who police say fired at random Into a crowd of people at a cookout in West Baltimore Sunday evening, killing one man and injuring at least six others.

Police said they need people to start talking. They believe the shooter was targeting someone in the cookout crowd and that someone knows who the suspect is and why they shot into the crowd.

7 People Shot, 1 Killed At Cookout In West Baltimore

Police tape surrounds abandoned tables of food. Nearby, 42 evidence markers on the corner of Edmonson and Whitmore avenues.

This is where Baltimore city police commissioner Michael Harrison said someone opened fire on two cookouts across the street.

“It was horrible. To me it was a massacre because I seen all my friends on the ground,” said Homre Scott, a witness.

Scott survived the gunfire and chaos near Edmondson and Whitmore Avenue, witnessing his friends fall with gunshot wounds.

One of them, he said, was shot while shielding his daughter.

“Why would you do something like that? Why wouldn’t you think before you shot? You know, there’s women and children running around here. Why would you do something like that?” Scott said.

Detectives said the shooting happened just after 5 p.m.

The victims, both men and women between the ages of 27 and 58, were rushed to nearby hospitals.

They’re expected to survive.

But another 28-year-old man was fatally shot and found a block away behind the Perkins Square Baptist Church.

Police said after the shooting the suspect ran away.

They’re looking for the suspect but said there may have been a second shooter returning fire.

“I believe everyone standing with me would believe that person was targeting one, if not more, people in that crowd,” said BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison.

The other survivors were simply caught in the crossfire.

Acting Mayor Jack Young is asking the public to come forward and help officers track down the suspect.

“Someone knows something,” He said.

Police said another person showed up the hospital with a gunshot wound around the time of the shooting. They are still trying to determine if that victim is tied to this shooting as well.

Kimberly Eiten

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  1. Hopefully they find him but the sad reality is their will be another two dozen or more waiting to take his place today, tomorrow everyday! The sad and all to well known reality is that you can count on it’s going to keep happening because this IS HOODRAT OUT OF CONTROL BALTIMORE CITY!! WHERE ARE THE GUNS COMING FROM???????????????????

    1. Tickedoff Person says:

      Gun’s are stolen out of state. Usually Pa. or Va. Nothing will change until state laws are passed doing away with the anti gun laws. Law abiding, legal citizens had their 2nd amendment right taken away in Maryland. sure you can own a gun. Just can’t carry it to protect yourself. A great analogy would have drunk drivers killing sober drivers. Simply do away with sober drivers…that’s gun control

  2. The blood of innocent citizens of this city is on the hands and in the laps of the corrupt democrats from running this city into the ground for years allowing this to fester and culminate to what we have now. THEY ARE THE SOLE BLAME!!