ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — In a tight race for Maryland House speaker, one of two Democrats running says allowing the race to be decided outside of the House Democratic Caucus would fracture the party in the state.

Del. Maggie McIntosh of Baltimore told reporters Tuesday she is confident she has more than 60 votes in the 98-member House Democratic Caucus.

Courtesy: MD. House of Delegates

She says she believes she will ultimately prevail Wednesday against Del. Dereck Davis, a Democrat from Prince George’s County.

But, it takes a majority 71 votes in the 141-member chamber to win.

That means a Democrat who wins all 42 GOP votes would only need 29 votes from Democrats.

The chair of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland announced Monday that Davis has a majority of support of the caucus’ 44 members.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Don’t really care who wins. As long we can vote them out when the time comes. Both are idiots

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