HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The Howard County Police Department is forming a new workgroup to evaluate the possible use of drones to support and enhance police operations.

The workgroup will examine the technology, cost, usefulness, transparency, training and privacy issues in launching a program.

“Law enforcement agencies across the nation have adopted aerial drones for a variety of uses, like
locating lost children and seniors, providing real-time information about evolving situations, mapping
and reaching remote crime scenes, and aiding search-and-rescue operations,” said Police Chief Lisa
Myers. “The workgroup will explore this technology to assess its potential value as a law enforcement
tool here in Howard County.”

The group will hold its first meeting this month. It will make recommendations about vendors,
equipment, training, policy development and operational uses for the technology.

A timetable for the final report has not yet been determined.


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