LANSDOWNE, Md. (WJZ) — Two brothers are charged in the Lansdowne shooting that led to the death of a 78-year-old woman, who was an innocent bystander.

Baltimore County Police arrested 27-year-old Deandre Larenzo Buckson of Lansdowne and 28-year-old Linwood Ronald Buckson of Baltimore Friday night.


The Bucksons are charged in the death of Isabel Villalobos V De Vasquez. She was shot when gunfire erupted outside the SaveMart in Lansdowne Shopping Center last Thursday.

Detectives learned that the shooting was drug-related.

According to police, the pair drove to Speedy Mart at 3815 Hollins Ferry Road next to the Lansdowne Shopping Center where Deandre Buckson entered the Speedy Mart, while Linwood Buckson stayed outside for a drug transaction with another man.

Linwood pulled out a handgun and the two struggled for its control, but the gun fired a shot. The other man took the gun from Linwood and fled across the street to the SaveMart.

Deadre Buckson then left Speedy Mart, grabbed another gun from his car and ran toward the SaveMart firing shots along the way.

That’s where Villalobos V De Vasquez was standing and was shot in her upper body. She was killed.

Photo of Isabel Villalobos De Vasquez. Coutresy: Family

Deandre Larenzo Buckson stands charged with first-degree murder and his brother, Linwood Ronald Buckson, is charged with the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, first-degree assault, and illegal possession of a regulated firearm.


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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Don’t forget to release them from central booking within 48 hours. They look like solid citizens. They’ll show up for the hearing. better yet…EXECUTE THEM BOTH NOW!

  2. Typical hoodrats that infest our city! Nothing productive here just keep taking lives like it’s nothing, just your run of the mill Baltimore HOODRATS! We should not have to support these ANIMALS for years, bring back the death penalty and give them what they deserve. Then we have the the corrupt democrats saying the same thing over and over and over “these murders have got to stop” REALLY!!! Yet it’s worse than ever just more RHETORIC and HYPE for the cameras! NOT one has a clue what they are doing, they have destroyed this city! If ALL the politicians would step up and give us back the death penalty to have REAL DETERRENT than our broken down jail and judicial system, that’s why they call them LIBERAL LOSERS! This city WILL NEVER CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!! NEVER!!

  3. Helice Jones says:

    What if they were white? Would you feel the same way? I don’t see color, if a person does the crime, they should suffer the consequences.

    1. James Reagan says:

      You don’t see color but the first thing you say is about color..Hypocrite..

    2. Dan Heary says:

      @ Helice…47% 0f murders in the last 20 years {FBI fact} are committed by 4% of the population – black males 18-49 – FACT…can one state – “CULTURE”

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