BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two weeks after a scene unfolded inside Baltimore City Hall, federal agents, raiding the offices of then-Mayor Catherine Pugh, came back out the front doors with boxes of evidence.

Court filings show exactly what the agents found and what was seized.

Receipts show FBI and IRS agents honed in on documents related to Pugh’s “Healthy Holly” books, ultimately seizing 22 items from City Hall.

Invoices, iPads and tucked inside a UPS envelope- the proof for what would become Catherine Pugh’s infamous Healthy Holly children’s book.

At that time, City Solicitor Andre Davis would release only limited information.

“Sometimes the transparency interest is trumped by law enforcement interest,” Davis said.

Now, City officials are making the receipts public- detailing the 22 items carried out in boxes.

The list shows agents zeroed in on documents including the settlement paperwork for one of Pugh’s homes, her squeegee corps initiative, a memo from the University of Maryland Medical System and an invoice and check from UMMS to her Healthy Holly LLC.

They split their focus to another former City Hall employee, Gary Brown Jr.

Agents took his timesheets, income statement, a check and invoices tied to Brown. Brown has faced legal trouble for past financial crimes, pleading guilty last year to breaking campaign laws by illegally funneling cash to Pugh’s campaign.

How and why he is connected to the Fed’s ongoing investigation is still unclear.

Both Brown and Pugh are out in the wake of the scandal. Brown was fired last month.

Pugh’s neighbors watched agents carry out simultaneous raids on Pugh’s homes.

What investigators discovered there is still a mystery.

A separate subpoena asks for records relating to the Maryland Center for Arts and Technology- that office was also raided two weeks ago.


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