BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A task force of teachers and other community leaders wants a stronger Code of Conduct that heightens the consequences for students who assault Baltimore City Public School staff members.

Marietta English, the longtime leader of the Baltimore Teachers Union, said the group focused on the schools’ Code of Conduct, which several teachers believe needs to be revamped.

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“Task force members took the time to first dissect the code of conduct and then to put the pieces back together again,” English said.

English announced Friday that she recommended a new Code of Conduct to the Baltimore City School Board.

English said the new Code of Conduct will strengthen and clarify the consequences for students who assault a staff member.

In November, cell phone video captured an attack on a cafeteria worker at the National Academy Foundation after a spat over a carton of milk.

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Weeks early there was a separate incident at Frederick Douglass High School in which a student punched a teacher who had just returned from medical leave for cancer treatment.

“I’m hoping that a positive outcome will come from all of these things that have happened,” the teacher said.

Task force members said their focus is on the Code of Conduct and Addressing school climate to curb these types of attacks.

“The collaborative effort of all the stakeholders here is focused on one goal alone; to ensure student success and a safe learning environment for all,” Edmondson-Westside High School Principal Karl Perry said.

The task force also plans to present it’s proposed changes to Baltimore City Council.

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Council President Brandon Scott and Mayor Jack Young both spoke in support of its recommendations.