OCEAN VIEW, DE. (WJZ) — Ocean View Police Department responded to a complaint about a snake bite on Saturday.

The snake had bitten a man in his yard and was captured. The snake was a venomous copper head snake and was removed by OVPD and safely released into a nature preserve.

Courtesy: Ocean View Police Department

OVPD wants to remind everybody to use extreme caution when you come across any snakes. If you need any assistance with snakes or any type of animals please contact the Ocean View Police Department.

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  1. Rebecca Huddleston says:

    Kudos to the author for using the correct term to describe the animal. Kudos to the authorities who released the animal away from people rather than having it destroyed for the sin of being in the wrong place at the wrong time 👍

  2. dt60093 says:

    Wait until he gets the bill for the antivenin and hospital. It could be 6 figures.

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