By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Finally. FINALLY. Sunshine and warm air will bathe the area this day. FINALLY. I know we had peeks of sun yesterday, at times more than peeks of sun, but we only got 62° out of the air. Today a ton of sun and the low 70’s. Back to normal, back to Spring. Finally.

The forecast is right on schedule for that sunny and warm weekend we have been promising. Now do note we will see a shower or two late tonight. And some thunderstorms are in the Friday afternoon, and evening, outlook. But those two “bumps in the road” are not unexpected…more proof the forecast is chugging along nicely.

Back to mentions of using suntan lotion, and keeping sunglasses handy. Sum it up with one word. NICE.

No wait make it two words; NICE, FINALLY!



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