ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP/WJZ) — The chancellor of Maryland’s university system won’t seek a contract extension after state lawmakers cut funding from the system’s budget to express displeasure with him.

Chancellor Robert Caret announced Wednesday he will step down from his position next June. He says now is the time to explore other professional options.

Gov. Larry Hogan released a statement thanking the chancellor for his work.

“I want to thank Chancellor Caret for his leadership and service to the state, and we wish him and his family well as they look to the future.” Hogan said.

In March, lawmakers who negotiated final details on Maryland’s budget cut $642,600 — an amount equal to Caret’s annual salary — from the University of Maryland system’s budget.

The action highlighted lawmakers’ unhappiness with a lack of transparency and accountability in the aftermath of a university football player’s death last year.

Lawmakers also criticized Caret for promoting a jewelry company’s charm bracelets in an email to three university presidents, and his treatment of a staffer for raising an ethics concern.

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  1. Tickedoff Person says:

    Should seize all his bank accounts too. He was just enjoying life on the taxpayers dime. Wait……………is he a Democrat? Oh, OK just let him go. We’ll pay for it, never mind………Backward Effin State! Everyone know’s this is white collar crime. But we let him walk.

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