By Marty Bass

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A little morning rain is giving way to a lot of afternoon sun, and warmth. What a pleasure it was feeling that 75° yesterday. The mid 70’s treat continues. And what will soon enter the forecast are the headline words “hot and humid.” That will be Sunday, and that will be the first time this season “hot and humid” becomes a player. On Sunday the forecast high is 86°, AND HUMID.  And so it begins. The march toward the last third of Spring, and Summer’s start.

No complaints here, or there where you are I am pretty sure. (By August hot and humid Fall will look pretty good though.)

We do have some thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow, not unexpected, and the outlook of a good weekend is still intact. BUT, yet another front draped over the area, this time further away, could let some showers from the Ohio Valley slide in later Sunday itself. Something we will watch but I am not changing my late weekend plans nor should you at this time.

Happy “Friday eve” everyone!



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