BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Black-Eyed Susan Day saw over 51,000 people in attendance, with over $22 million spent.

Saturday, the bass was bumping at the Infield Fest. The attendance was up from Friday’s Black-Eyed Susan Day.


“We’re having a great time today, the weather is great, the orange crushes are really good,” Stephanie Farina said.

Many people came to Pimlico Race Course for the first time, bringing their best outfits in order to stand out for the big race.

“It’s a wonderful event,” Ray Burton said. “It’s a much bigger event than just a horse race.”

For other’s, Saturday signified what could be one of the last times they come to the Preakness in Pimlico.

The owners of the Stronach Group have discussed moving the race in two years.

“I think we’re doing everything within our power,” Mayor Jack Young said. “But the Stronach Group is a private company, a private entity — and this is what they own so we really have to negotiate and work with them but I think that they know the Preakness belongs in Baltimore.”

The track made its debut in 1870, and while it’s unclear how many more races Park Heights will see in the future, the thousands of people in attendance were excited to see the running of the race.

The Preakness raked in about $1.5 million this year.

The Stronach Group hasn’t committed to keeping the race in Baltimore past 2020, but they did say they intend to keep it in Maryland.

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    Add’s up very fast when you outlaw food and drink for the patrons. Pay toilets next year…..

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