BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Faith leaders from religious communities united together to stop hate.

The Interfaith Coalition was formed in light of recent hateful acts across Maryland.

In Towson, messages of hate were scrawled on signs outside of an inclusive, progressive church in February.

“What we’ve been finding in our work, in our interfaith work, is that when we talk with our Jewish and Muslim leaders in the black church, we are really discovering that we’re kind of late to the game,” Pastor David Thomas said. “People have been experiencing this for quite a while.”

Inspired by the hundreds of people who poured into the church after the vandalism, the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Baltimore held its first summit this month.

The goal of the summit is to create a united front of Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders.

Zainab Chaudry, of the Council on American Islamic Relations, said that leaders are working to make a positive impact.

“I know that there have been attempts locally in smaller capacities to be able to bring together interfaith communities,” Chaudry said. “But we are deliberately working to have a more engaged coalition that is able to not only respond in the aftermath of incidents, but also that can work proactively.”

As members discuss security, safety and driving out hate they hope to add more members to the coalition.

“We’re super excited about where this could go,” Chaudry said. “I think that with all hands on deck, working collaboratively, we can build a better society.”


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